our data
keep a pulse of internet
Our data is based on the aggregation and
processing of vast amounts of information:
discussions, threads, comments from over
the whole internet.

We process these sources through our propriety algorithm to track influence and sentiment of
topics in real-time.
This type of data can hold a lot of information and allows our clients
to keep a finger on the pulse about the issues important to them.
Collect data
Discussions, threads,
Scoring, Tagging, Classification
Cleaning, taking into account
context, influence
Through an API or
customized analysis
We use the latest developments in the artificial intelligence research to construct our propriety technology. We use ‘deep learning’ systems that emulate layers of neurons in the brain to analyze the data. By utilizing a novel method to measure word concepts and context our technology is on the cutting edge of machine learning developments/research.
Machine learning systems automatically learn programs for a specific usage from data. The systems that give us self-driving cars, web search and spam filters are all based on machine learnings. Practitioners are utilizing machine learning in more and more fields to improve medical diagnosis, create a better understanding of the human genome and in predictive maintenance.

Much of the artificial intelligence research has relied on machine learning algorithms.
We prefer communities and forums over news-sources. These communities are where the in-depth discussion occurs – the source of trends and overall consumer sentiment that feeds into sales figures.